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Years active:
2012 - 2017
Rock, Punk
Suburban Records
Jim Holland, James Tropicana, Johnny Dancehall, Jeff Tropicana


Since their debut album ‘Kwarktassen’ in 2014 Orgaanklap is known as the centre of glampunk rock in Holland. Their outrageous shows consist of sweaty crowds dancing their butts off, insane short power tracks filled with sexy riffs and a singer that almost destroys the micophone without any hesitation. This amazing musical voilence is combined with a huge dose of homo-erotic humor, which will leave everyone satisfied but shocked.

In 2016 they released their new album ‘Panic! At The Febo’ en with this album they have proved that even with so many jokes and informalities they know how to write a damn good record.

  1. Panic! At The FEBO

  2. Ik Heb Er Zin In
  3. Ik Zoek Bloed
  4. Locomotive
  5. Zomer
  6. 16
  7. Leren Legging
  8. We <3 Pop Punk
  9. Hap Hap
  10. 4 Gekke Jongens
  11. Wen Maar Aan Mijn Lul
  1. Thriller

  2. Locomotive
  3. Ren
  4. Ammehoela
  5. Guusje
  1. Kwarktassen

  2. PICK
  3. M'n Hand
  4. Gunshow
  5. Komen Is Stoer
  6. Lazer
  7. Vaginatan
  8. Francoise
  9. Ik Ben Een DJ
  10. I'm Fuck Punk You
  11. Druppel In Mij
  12. Ik Mis Je
  13. Lekker Te Pakken
  14. Indiepoprocksong


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