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Suburban Distribution


It was early 1997. My current associate at the time, Richard Evers, and myself both worked in the music industry. The internet was still an exotic phenomenon, vinyl hardly existed anymore, and business revolved all around the CD. We felt that what the industry needed was a distribution company focused on all ‘heavier’ music. Our dedication, combined with some old-school grit, ensured that not much later Suburban Distribution arose from the Dutch soil. The first labels that felt adventurous enough to collaborate with us were Nuclear Blast, Century Media, SPV and Massacre Records. After that many more followed.

Meanwhile the music business was changing radically, and so was Suburban. A wise man once said that ‘standing still means moving backwards’, which I have always taken to heart. Because of this, Suburban Distribution has rapidly changed to stay on top of the ever changing music industry. The only thing that stays the same is the unrestrained passion for music, shared by everyone at Suburban.

We release records! They rock!

Ronald Draijer – 2020


Distribution & Sales

Suburban gets your music to your fans. Whether this means getting your vinyl on the shelves of independent record stores, supplying chain stores with your CD, or making a new song available on Spotify and iTunes, our product managers know which steps to take. Our physical distribution network is based in the Benelux, with possibilities for worldwide distribution through one of our many international partners. All digital releases are distributed worldwide.

Together with your personal product manager, each release will be planned and coordinated from start to finish. Our sales team is informed and kept up-to-date on relevant press updates.

Label services

Catering to those who are looking to self-release their music, Suburban offers a number of different label services. We help out only where necessary, allowing artists to focus solely on their music, with complete control over the creative process and the rights to their music.


We work with a number of local and international CD and LP manufacturers. From the early stages of advice and pricing agreements, we arrange the entire production process, ensuring a finished product of the highest quality.


Our expansive international network for both physical and digital releases ensures the best distribution of your music.


Together with your project manager, the most suitable PR partner will be selected from our network of national and international agencies.


Suburban creates tailor-made marketing strategies. Together we will discuss subjects like the format of your release, packaging design, price, retail and sales marketing, single choices, release dates, online marketing strategies, budgets and all other aspects of the campaign.


For each individual release, a personal project manager is assigned. Your go-to person will coordinate every step of the project. Responding to specific needs of the artists, our experienced team ensures every project to be as successful as can be.


Suburban has the expertise and network to take care of your music publishing. We can connect you with other songwriters, chase syncs for movies, games and commercials and take care of all the copyright income administration tasks.


A selection of the releases we’re currently working on.


These are the labels that we proudly work for.

Suburban Distribution

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