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Boskat – Welcome To Planet Urmit

LP: 15,0025,00


Release date: March 15th, 2024

Scratch your little kitty tails, because the space virtuosos BOSKAT has announced their debut record “Welcome To Planet Urmit” to take you on a journey from what is perceived as Rock ‘n Roll.

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One may notice BOSKAT as a loud, fun, and energetic rock duo. Call it pop-punk or the revival of grunge, but the truth is that BOSKAT lives on the edge of burnout and intense pleasure – the essence that rock and roll is all about. The sometimes darker themes in the lyrics of lead singer and guitarist Vincent combined with intense heavy but also playful RATM-inspired riffs cut through every daze or daydream you might find yourself into. Sometimes over-the-top, but always in-your-face: if you don’t crowd surf out of the room after a show, at least you’ll be back on your feet. 3,2,1 – BOSKAT!

1. 9 Angel Lives / 2. Glass Bowl Dance / 3. Astro Donny / 4. Boiler (with Rude Boy from Urban Dance Squad) / 5. It’s All The Same / 6. Heresy / 7. Stick To Your Guns / 8. The Wash (The Owl And The Raven) / 9. Sick AF / 10. Terreur 5 / 11. POW! (with Cayla J.)

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