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Bad Nerves



London, United Kingdom
Garage Rock, Power Pop
Suburban Records
Robert Clemson, William Phillipson, George Berry, Jonathan Poulton, Samuel Thompson


Een match made in heaven: Suburban Records heeft de Engelse garage-punk band Bad Nerves getekend. De vijf straatschoffies uit Oost-Londen hebben sinds hun oprichting enkele jaren geleden een aantal ijzersterke garage-punk songs uitgebracht die de aandacht trokken van Suburban Records.

“Our upcoming debut album is about doing way too many drugs and losing track of what the fuck is going on. The title track is another song that came out of living in London. Dealers knew my house was a party house so they just sat outside over the weekends. It was fun for a while but eventually all that shit gets the better of you. One night I had to break into my own house cause we’d been on a 3 day bender and I lost my phone, my keys etc. A few days later we had this song. And now we’re part of the Suburban Records family too. That is f*ckin’awesome man.” – Bobby, Bad Nerves

  1. Alive in London

  2. Don't Stop (Live in London, 2022)
  3. Baby Drummer (Live in London, 2022)
  4. Palace (Live in London, 2022)
  5. Terminal Boy (Live in London, 2022)
  6. Alright (Live in London, 2022)
  7. Electric 88 (Live in London, 2022)
  8. Can't Be Mine (Live in London, 2022)
  9. Radio Punk (Live in London, 2022)
  1. Bad Nerves

  2. Can't Be Mine
  3. Mad Mind
  4. Baby Drummer
  5. Palace
  6. Radio Punk
  7. Bored of Babies
  8. Electric 88
  9. Wasted Days
  10. New Shapes
  11. Last Beat
  12. Terminal Boy
  13. Dreaming


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