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Jaren actief:
1994 - Present
Oslo, Norway
Biff Malibu, Captain Poon, Raldo Useless, Peter Larsson, Danny Young


When you hear of Norway, you might think of fishing or Fjords but not Rock Music. That was exactly the situation that five young men from Oslo found themselves in the Summer of 1994. Amongst the five were Biff Malibu and Captain Poon, who set out to change this. They formed a cover band to play some Misfits songs at a New Year’s Eve Party. They liked it so much that they decided to turn it into a proper Rock Band which they called Gluecifer. In the mid 90’s Rock Music still wasn’t popular in Norway, with the few bands playing this style of music consigned to the underground scene, that Gluecifer thought that they would be part of. The name Gluecifer has no significant meaning; it’s composed of the words glue and Lucifer (one of the archangels who disobeyed and rebelled against God, who would become Satan). It simply sounds cool, like the music they were playing! Gluecifer started out just to have fun, doing their own thing with irony, with tongues firmly in their cheeks. They weren’t supposed to be taken seriously and that’s what set them apart from the more straight laced Heavy Metal bands which did. Their second name of “Kings of Rock” also came about at this time. It became clear that they were pretty good with them thinking that this might turn into something more.

In the early ‘90s Gluecifer started playing rock shows in the more seedy clubs of Oslo which helped them bring their music to the kind of people who really appreciate it. In 1996 they released their first mini-album, Dick Disguised As Pussy. To pay their respect to the Kings of Rock, Suburban Records has re-released all Gluecifer albums – including Dick Disguised As Pussy – on coloured vinyl, followed by the extended “B-Sides and Oddities” double album featuring previously unreleased tracks, in 2023.


  2. Desolate City
  3. The Hammer And The Wheel
  4. Gary O’Kane
  5. Plastic Hand
  6. You Keep Me Up All Night
  7. Dambuster
  8. All The Young Droogs
  9. Ape And Essence
  10. Rock ‘n Roll
  11. Next To You
  12. Beg Like The Dog You Are
  13. Monoman
  14. God’s Chosen Dealer
  15. Rat Down To The Bone
  16. Buckshooter
  17. Thunder & Lightning
  18. Mano A Mano
  19. Son Of A Good Family
  20. Speedfoot
  21. My Card Says Typhoon Killer
  22. Hot Seat
  23. 1994
  24. Surrender
  25. (Gimme That) Good Butter
  1. DeWolff -EP-

  2. Fishing Night At Noon
  3. Gold And Seaweed
  4. Yellow Rat Magic Blues
  5. The Thrills That Come Along With The Landing Of A Flying Saucer
  1. Basement Apes

  2. Reverse
  3. Brutus
  4. Losing End
  5. Easy Living
  6. Little Man
  7. Not Enough For You
  8. Round And Round
  9. Black Book Lodge
  10. It Won’t Be
  11. Shotgun Seat
  12. Powertools And Piss
  1. Automatic Thrill

  2. Automatic Thrill
  3. Take It
  4. Car Full of Stash
  5. Here Come the Pigs
  6. Dingdong Thing
  7. Speedfoot
  8. A Call From the Other Side
  9. Shaking So Bad
  10. Free Ride
  11. Put Me on a Plate
  12. Dr Doktor
  13. The Good Times Used to Kill Me
  1. Tender Is The Savage

  2. I Got A War
  3. Chewin’ Fingers
  4. Ducktail Heat
  5. The General Says Hell Yeah
  6. Red Noses, Shit Poses
  7. Drunk And Pompous
  8. Rip-Off Strasse
  9. Dog Day, Dog Night
  10. Sputnik Monroe
  11. Exit At Gate Zero
  1. Soaring With Eagles At Night To Rise With The Pigs In The Morning

  2. Bossheaded
  3. Go Away Man
  4. Year of Manly Living
  5. Get the Horn
  6. Critical Minute
  7. Silver Wings
  8. Lord of the Dusk
  9. Deadend Beat
  10. Clean Gone Mean
  11. Heart of a Bad Machine
  12. Gimme Solid Gold
  1. Ridin’ The Tiger

  2. Leather Chair
  3. Rock’n’Roll Asshole
  4. Bounced Checks
  5. The Evil Matcher
  6. Rockthrone
  7. Rockthrone
  8. Titanium Sunset
  9. We’re Out Loud
  10. Obi Damned Kenobi
  11. Under My Hood
  12. Prime Mover

  2. Head To Head Boredom
  3. Stuck To the Floor
  4. Dogburner
  5. Dick Disguised As Pussy
  6. Under My Hood
  7. Phonebooth Creep
  8. Suck City
  9. Ace Wheels


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