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Jaren actief:
2020 - Present
Drenthe, Netherlands
Punk Rock
Suburban Records
Sander Broersma, Roberto Timmer, Ronald Reinders, Rutger Beuving


Skroetbalg (meaning ‘braggart’ or ‘big mouth’) is, in their own words, “a Lower Saxon beer commando” that plays punk rock ‘n’ roll with a lot of bravado. The band was formed out of sheer boredom during the first corona lockdown in 2020 and subsequently released its first demo tape in January 2021. The band already released twelve releases with 600K streams and counting on underground hits such as ‘Bakkie de Man’, ‘Ponypark’, ‘Oen Moe’, ‘Stompen In De Kroeg’, ‘Koning van de N34’, ‘Hol Oen Bek’ and ‘ Dommer Dan Bang’. They performed around 80 shows at home and abroad as support for Heideroosjes, Supersuckers and Fleddy Melculy, among others, and played at festivals such as Zwarte Cross, Sjock and Helldorado.

Skroetbalg swaggeringly sings with a lot of self-mockery and humor, about things that make life worth living: beer, cars, Methanol, bar fights, Pony Park Slagharen, other people’s mothers and of course their beloved province Drenthe. Their Motörpunk rock ‘n’ roll is somewhere between Gang Green, AC/DC, Turbonegro, Misfits, Ramones, The Queers, Normal, MC5, Motörhead and Peter Pan Speedrock; and winks respectfully and lovingly at old and recent rock heroes.

Skroetbalg live shows:
5-4-2024, Wild At Heart, Berlin (DE)
13-4-2024: Skroetfest, Groningen
26-4-2024 Down with the King de Lijst, Hoogeveen
11-5-2024: Hrieps Festival, Grijpskerke
1-6-2024: De Nobel, Leiden
5-6-2024: Pitfest, Emmen

  1. DeWolff -EP-

  2. Fishing Night At Noon
  3. Gold And Seaweed
  4. Yellow Rat Magic Blues
  5. The Thrills That Come Along With The Landing Of A Flying Saucer


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