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Tusky – Tusky



Release date: 08-03-2024

The most energetic band of the LowLands is always ready to pour sweat on every stage in Europe and warmly welcome their audience with the heaviest, fattest, fastest and coolest material since their inception in 2016.


‘Tusky’ is released on white vinyl in a gatefold sleeve and on Digipak CD including a lyric poster.


1. When The Shit Hits The Fun / 2. Crow Without Caws / 3. Circles / 4. Babybird / 5. Serenade Me (Forever) / 6. Fixer Upper / 7. Threat Level Midnight / 8. Fight Or Flight / 9. Hommage To Decay / 10. The Cake Is A Lie / 11. Beyond The Binary / 12. Lights Out

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Tusky proves that punk-rock is alive and well in 2024, with the release of their fist-in-your-face-but-you-love-it new album: ‘Tusky’. The album will be released March 8th 2024.

Despite this being the band’s third album, this is their first self-titled album, spotting a strikingly simple, brown, cover. Tusky guitarist Sjors van Reeuwijk explains, “With this third album, we really wanted to go back to the core of Tusky. We hope the artwork will inspire people to call this ‘The Brown Album’…”

On previous releases, the band has been known to be in charge of their own recordings and productions, but with the new album they took it a step further: They converted their rehearsal space into a studio. By doing this, they have built a space in which they can record their new album in peace. “Having your own space is awesome! A place where you can take all the time you need, to experiment with different amps, pedals, guitars, mics. Each day we could go on as long as we wanted, but we could also decide to take a break and go for a swim in a nearby lake,”singer Vladimir Stevic elaborates.

While ‘What’s For Dinner?’ (2022) was mainly written in isolation, ‘Tusky is the first album to be written collectively, with the current line-up, all four of them together in the same room. “The album is a perfect mix of our four individual styles,” bass player Quirin Wijgers points out. “It has plenty of shreds but can also give you goosebumps with a track like ‘Hommage To Decay’.

The lyrics speak of topics like consumer society, digital bubbles, loneliness, inclusivity and mental health. “In the end, you write about what is important to you,” drummer Bas Allein Richir says. “Those include beautiful things as well as difficult things, and stuff you worry about.

After critically going over the tracks during pre-productions and having found the right sound, the recordings took about three weeks. After editing, the tracks were sent to Adrian Bushby who took care of the mix. Adrian is known for his work with Foo Fighters, Spice Girls, and My Bloody Valentine. “He got in touch with us years ago, saying he’d love to work with together. This wasn’t possible at the time, but luckily we were able to work together this time around,” Sjors explains. De mastering was done by Grant Berry who previously worked with acts like Taking Back Sunday, Deaf Havana and All Time Low.

If you’ve ever seen Tusky live, you understand why they are known as one of the country’s most energetic bands, who turn every show into an awesome party. And that party is going to get even more awesome, as Michiel van Iersel (Mayleaf, No Turning Back) will join Tusky on guitar, so Vlad can focus on vocals – and circle pits!

On their self-titled album, Tusky goes back to their core. Having built their own studio, they were able to write and record their new album in peace and focus on what it’s all about: the songs.

Tusky’ is available as digipak with lyric poster, and on white vinyl in gatefold sleeve. The inside of the artwork contains lots of photos by Thomas Hietbrink and handwritten lyrics, designed by Justin Ghijsen (helloiamjustin).

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