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Years active:
2022 - Present
The Hague, Netherlands
Psychedelic Rock
Suburban Records


A psychedelic storm rages over The Netherlands, and its name is Heath. Their upcoming debut album “Isaak’s Marble” marks the beginning of a long story and opens the door to the world of Heath, where anything is possible. Odd time signatures, blazing harmonica, and driving guitars accompanied by narrative vocals create an enchanting journey. Heath is known for their energetic live shows, which together with carefully drawn out eclectic songs seamlessly blend into an atmosphere that is both hypnotic and liberating.

After the release of their first single in early 2023, 3voor12 Den Haag referred to the quintet as “a promise from The Hague”, and this promise was fulfilled later in the year when they received the Music Support Award from the Haagse Popweek. Music magazine Oor also called Heath “the flag-bearers of a rapidly growing psychedelic rock scene in the Netherlands”. Heath’s latest single ‘Atalantis’ won Song of the Year 2023 by 3voor12 Leiden. In 2024, Heath has already performed at the Pinguin Showcases during ESNS and has also been selected for the Grote Prijs van Nederland (Grand Prize of the Netherlands).

“We can’t get any closer to Woodstock ’69; this music remains excellent until the heat death of the solar system.” – 3voor12 Leiden


Heath live shows
April 17th – Schouwburg, Venray
April 20th – Roadburn festival, Tilburg
May 10th – ALBUM RELEASE SHOW – Paard, Den Haag
May 16th – L’international – Paris (FR)
May 17th – La Griffe – Lille (FR)
May 19th – Gigant Café, Apeldoorn
May 24th – Sniester Festival, Den Haag
May 25th – Free Music, Gouda
June 5th – GirlPower Radio live from Popradar, Den Haag

  1. Isaak’s Marble

  2. Isaak's Marble
  3. Wondrous Wetlands
  4. Strawberry Girl
  5. Valley Of The Sun
  1. DeWolff -EP-

  2. Fishing Night At Noon
  3. Gold And Seaweed
  4. Yellow Rat Magic Blues
  5. The Thrills That Come Along With The Landing Of A Flying Saucer


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