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Years active:
1998 - present
United States
Hard Rock, Stoner Rock
Suburban Records
John Garcia, David Angstrom, Mike Callahan, Dandy Brown, Chris Leathers


Although brought together as a “side-project”, it was clear from the beginning that Hermano was indeed a band. Hermano entered the recording studio for the first time in the spring of 1999. Initial sessions were funded by infamous cult artist Frank Kozik. Completed in the winter of 2000 …Only A Suggestion (2002) finally appeared in the summer of 2002, and started touring.

The success of these now legendary tours, and the response of audience around the world, motivated the group to begin the process for a follow-up release. Again slowed down by legal hurdles, it would take another two years before the follow-up could begin production. During this period, drummer Steve Earle began to focus on his solo career, and asked that Supafuzz drummer Chris Leathers to fill his shoes. Chris joined the band for the first time at the Azkena Festival in Spain in 2003 and became an official Hermano thereafter.

During this period, Hermano proved itself a force to be reckoned with. The live shows were intense. The music hit a nerve. It was also pointed out by the press and fans that Hermano shunned the typical “rock star” stance: Hermano is about friendship, family, expression, art and life as they know it… no battle-of-the-bands, no dreams of grandeur… just a group of guys with values and talent who enjoy being with each other and making music together whenever possible.

  1. …Into The Exam Room

  2. Kentucky
  3. Exam Room
  4. Dark Horse Ll
  5. Left Side Bleeding
  6. Out Of Key, But In The Mood
  7. Hard Working Wall
  8. Bona-fide
  9. Don't Call Your Mama
  10. Adoption Boy
  11. At The Bar
  12. Our Desert Home
  13. Letters From Madrid
  1. Dare I Say

  2. Cowboys Suck
  3. Life
  4. Roll Over
  5. Brother Bjork
  6. Is This Ok?
  7. Quite Fucked
  8. Murder One
  9. My Boy
  10. Let's Get It On
  11. On The Desert
  12. Angry American
  1. Live At W2

  2. Cowboys Suck
  3. 5 To 5
  4. Life
  5. Alone Jeffe
  6. Roll Over
  7. Landetta
  8. My Boy
  9. Quite Fucked
  10. TNT
  11. The Bottle
  12. Senor Moreno's Plan
  13. Manager's Special
  1. Only A Suggestion

  2. The Bottle
  3. Alone Jeffe
  4. Manager's Special
  5. Senor Moreno's Introduction
  6. Senor Moreno's Plan
  7. Landetta (Motherload)
  8. 5 to 5
  9. Nick's Yea


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